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Mobile Security

Mobile Security

Orion Software has partnered with Kaymera to provide the next level of security, mobile call, sms and data encryption.

Organizations have to rethink their mobile security strategy and realize that One-Size-Fits-All mobile security structures may not be suitable for some of the most sensitive organization functions. They should also aim to provide employees with a security solution that offers the optimal balance between ultimate freedom-of-use and robust protection instead of applying Security by Restriction.

Millions of people every day use their Smartphones and Tablets everywhere they travel whether that be to a meeting, restaurant or on holiday and I often wonder to myself ‘what are they all discussing’?

Smartphones are an everyday part of our lives and are never more than a few feet from most of us at any time day or night.

They carry most of our most precious information, photos, contacts, social media, email both personal and work and they travel everywhere we go. In fact, we use them for just about everything including browsing, banking and purchasing using the Web.

And yet… They also carry the biggest threat ….

Most people are not aware how easy it is to listen to and record mobile conversations, intercept SMS messages and Data Files and infect your network with malware and Trojan viruses.
These people could be in the café nearby, outside in a Van or just sitting on a bench outside your office!

So, if the information you discuss is private, sensitive or carries any financial or business value, you ought to look at securing this.

Our solution Kaymera can help with all of the above:

And unlike other encryption solutions currently available, Kaymera has multiple advantages and greater protection.

Here’s what you should expect from your mobile cyber defense solution:

  • Protection from all mobile threat vectors for your organization and all of its users.
  • Prevention of communication interception attacks; data leakage and theft; and device takeover.
  • Security for all sensitive data that’s locally stored on your device no matter how much there is.
  • Eliminating the ‘second phone syndrome’ when users carry an additional non-secure smartphone due to restrictions.
  • Providing a completely secure and unrestricted user experience.

To see a demo and presentation at our secure private facility in London, please get in touch today. Alternatively take a look at the online overview above and contact us for a private discussion.

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A sneak overview of the solution is on our website, go to and click the red button ‘Mobile Security’

The Evolving Constellation of Mobile Threat Vectors

Kaymera addresses all three main sources of risk for a mobile communications:

Kaymera ensures that those attempting to intercept voice, message and data communications are blocked at every attempt.

We make sure that even when you unknowingly grant permissions to a rogue app or are a victim of a Trojan attack, your data is remains safe.

You don’t want to have to think about security, you just want everything to be secure. Even when your actions aren’t security-savvy, you’re still protected with Kaymera.