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Biometric Access

Biometric Access

PassPrint’s™ groundbreaking technology allows users to log in… simply by taking a picture of their finger with their mobile phone. The mobile they already have.


PassPrint only uses the camera, making touch sensors on mobiles unnecessary. 

PassPrint is true multi-factor authentication. Without passwords or PINs. Nothing for users to remember, or worse – write down. No more keyfobs to get lost. No more keyfobs to have to manage. No hardware of any kind to buy. The user only needs their mobile and their finger: two things most everyone already has with them. 

Orion Software & Services has partnered with U.S.-based Diamond Fortress Technologies, the developers of PassPrint. Clients need the ability to comply with changing regulations on authentication. They face the increasing sophistication of cybercrime. And they have to provide an easy way for users to prove their identity. This can be done by leveraging cloud-based IDentity as a Service (IDaaS) provided by PassPrint. Its is the most secure system of its type, and it can be offered at very low cost, as there isn’t any hardware to buy. 

Initially, the user goes through an easy enrollment process where multiple photos of their finger are taken. After that, whenever they log in or use a certain app, for example, they simply place their finger in front of the rear-facing camera’s fieldof-view (There is an on-screen guide to assist.) and when the finger comes into focus, an image is acquired. Using both the just-captured fingerprint and unique ID of the mobile, a determination is quickly made if this person is the person with access to that data or the authority to make that transaction. 

Financial institutions in particular can benefit from PassPrint. One of the main things driving IDaaS for banks is its ease of use for their customers. Easily and quickly, one can determine that the person trying to access their account data is indeed is who they say they are. It can also be used for transaction approval. You can store the GPS coordinates of where the person is when they logged in or authenticated. IDaaS like PassPrint give much flexibility to IT security teams. 

At Orion, we are constantly seeking out solutions that are both innovative and secure. We don’t want our clients to be subject to a security breach and the bad PR and financial losses that could come with it. That breach is much less likely to happen when PassPrint is added to our other solutions: anti phishing, cloud security, and securing payments. 

PassPrint. No passwords or PIN’s to remember. No additional hardware to buy. Highly secure. Easy to use, easy to integrate. Cloud-based. Accurate. 

Just let your users be themselves. 

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PassPrint is a one of a kind cloud-based IDentity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) solution.

Create, verify, and manage your online identity with PassPrint.

PassPrint leverages the security and flexibility of the OAuth 2.0 protocol to provide
cloud-based, multi-factor, biometric login.

Other websites can use PassPrint as a single-sign-on (SSO)
solution or to augment password-based log in.